Monthly Archives: June 2015

It’s Turtle Time!

Turtle nesting season begins in the Riviera Maya on May 1st and goes to November 15th. In 2014 there were over 15,000 nest reported and it is estimated that only one turtle from each nest will reach adulthood. Incubation takes between 45 and 50 days and the nest need to be protected. Barriers around the […]

Don’t touch that!

Sometimes people decide to add some snorkeling to a fishing trip. But remember, never touch anything under the water. Turtles bite, coral can scratch and cut, and stingrays hide under the sand. Nothing ruins a vacation like needing a doctor to treat you with pain pills and antibiotics.

2015 PDC Fishing Tournament

We know you have been waiting for the results of the 2015 PDC Fishing Tournament! Congratulations to the first place boat in the Playa del Carmen tournament, the Melissa. Pablo and Eric de la Cruz, from our Captain Rick’s family were part of the crew. Also, congratulations to the third place boat, the Notty Hooker. […]