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Everyday Heroes!

On July 7th, Captain Heber and Mate Nestor from the Sakitumi, noticed a small boat floating about a mile from the shore with no crew in site. They went to investigate and found three very de-hydrated men who had apparently been drifting from Jamaica for sixteen days, much of the time without water or food. […]

Customer Of The Month: Mayor Yemen

Mayor Yemen watches over Drumheller’s claim to fame, the e world’s largest dinosaur, a 26.2 metres (86 ft) high fiberglass Tyrannosaurus rex. Mayor Terry told us his fishing luck wasn’t very good. That changed when he caught a Mahi Mahi on the Sakitumi . Fish count for the boat that day, 3 mahi-mahis, 1 sailfish, […]

The Little Women Of LA In Puerto Aventuras!

Puerto Aventuras is becoming quite the reality TV spot. Earlier this year an episode of House Hunters International was filmed here, to be shown on New Year’s Day. Now The Little Women of LA were seen around town filming an episode. With their bodyguards, we couldn’t get a picture here or any other information. If […]