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Captain’s Report April 2014

Apr 10, 2014

Of course, along with the fish migration, this time of the year also brings us the change in the prevailing winds as we go from cooler northern breezes or dry eastern breezes to the warm south, south eastern winds that bring the summer temperature.  As this occurs, many times the wind stirs the water to the point that it becomes too rough for us to leave the port.  Unfortunately this means that, for a day or two at a time, we don’t get to take our wonderful clients fishing.  While we can often reschedule our guests a day or two later as the winds usually subside, sometimes the client cannot reschedule and miss an opportunity to experience a fishing trip of a lifetime.  If you are planning a vacation to this area in the next month or so and want to include fishing, you may want to think about scheduling your trip early in your vacation time so that you have the opportunity, if necessary, to reschedule your trip in the event of weather problems.

Also, if you are coming down next month (May) you may be able to witness a tournament that we are very proud to be a part of. Every year our good friends the Harris family organize a two day fishing tournament to raise money for local charities as well as a scholarship fund for children in need.  This year, they are taking things to a new level as they are also including some Wounded Warriors as a way of giving back to these veterans who have sacrificed so much for their country.  The tournament organizers have been working hard to raise money to help cover the travel expense for these wounded anglers as well as donating money themselves.  I look forward to sharing with you how this event goes. If anyone is interested in helping this to happen, you can do so by contacting Dan Harris at or  any donation checks should be made out to "Wounded Warriors in Action" and then mailed to me at   Dan Harris, 12303 Blair Ridge Road, Fairfax, VA 22033                                                                                                                    

Until next time! It’s that time of the year again! The sailfish are arriving in the Riviera Maya in good numbers.  Most boats are reporting daily catch and releases, many in multiple numbers.  It’s great to see these beautiful fish in large numbers each year as they migrate through the area, chasing the food source around the globe.



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