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Jun 01, 2014

Captain’s Report…June 2014


To say the bill fish are here would be an understatement. The bite this season has been as good as I can remember it being in the last 10 years.  We have had a record number of grand slams, nine by June 25th. A grand slam is when a boat gets at least one  sailfish,  white marlin, and  blue marlin in one day.  The Grand Slams started with Captain Lucho on the Manetto in March.  Since then Obsession has had three, another one on the Manetto, and one each on the Big Fish, Finatik, Reel Stripper and Reel Screamer.


Captain Lucho, Mates Jonnie, and Alan on the Manetto take first place in the Playa Del Carmen Tournament.

The tuna bite is also strong this year and the mahi-mahi are here.

And as if that wasn’t enough, this year’s Playa del Carmen tournament was won by Captain Lucho as well, and he did it in a big way.  On the first day of this 100 boat, two day tournament, Lucho scored with two big blue marlins, each coming in at over 200 pounds.  Helping to insure his victory was a good size wahoo on day two.  Coming in second was a boat headed by another one of our captains, Rambo.  Congratulations to both of those captains and crews.


Captain Rambo guest captains with Todd Moore on the Sum Beach to take second place in the Playa del Carmen Tournament.

It is not too late to take advantage of this great opportunity.  While there are no guarantees, our seasonal bite usually stretches through June and into July, especially when it starts a bit late as it did this year. If you have plans to be in the area in the next month or so, give us a call and we can give you an update and see if you want to book a charter.  While there are no guarantees,  I can promise  you one thing, you won’t catch anything sitting on the shore. 

Until next time….keep those lines tight! 

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