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June 2011

Tuesday, June 21, 2011. Me, my dad, and my brother had an absolute blast on-board the "BIG FISH"!!!  We also caught some barracuda, but these two sailfish made the trip more than worth it!  We had a blast, and I was able to check off one thing from my "bucket list"!  Thank you for a trip I'll always remember!  Hopefully you guys will be around a long time and I'll have an opportunity to bring my son one day!  

 Thanks Again,

 Lee Anderson, SC, USA 

lee1.jpg lee2.jpg

I wanted to thank Captain Beto, and Mates Lenni and Mike (pineapple head) for the best fishing trip to date.  When making the reservations, I told your company that I have caught my fill of Dorado's, etc and wanted a Sail Fish or Marlin.  When I got on the boat Lenni told me that we'd get one and he was right.  Thank you again for a great day on the water.

 Joanne and Ken, Las Vegas

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Thanks for all the great times when we were there last fall. You may remember Fred in the second one hooking up on a sail. He had a cast on his broken leg and cruised around all week in his golf cart. We liked the crew, and regret not letting them take us out again while we were there. This fall 4 of us (2 couples) will be coming into Cozumel on a Cruise. We cannot wait to work with you again then, and hope to go for a half day of fishing.

Thanks a lot,

Ricky Penn

rickyp2.jpg rickyp1.jpg

June 19th 2010 aboard the Finatik  I caught the sail fish and my wife Tanya caught a white marlin that we now have a replica of.  I have some friends down there now and recommended them to you guys. Hopefully they booked a trip. Their names are Steve and Laurie Fulwider. Please buy a beer for them and tell them it’s from Staven and Tanya


I want to thank Capt Santiago and mates Reyes and Jesus for their fishing skills helping me catch sailfish, mahi, barracuda, and bonito.

See you next year.

Alan Smith

alan3.jpg  alan2.jpg


Had A Great trip! The mate, Edwardo, was excellent The Captain of our boat Obsession did a good job of putting us on the fish he had 6 Sails on at Once!

Thanks - Mike Fornaci

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May 2011 

Hola, Glenna and Bob, Didn't want to let another day go by without telling you what a fantastic time we had, again (seven fishing days and counting), with Capt. Rick's on our recent stay in May.  Although we didn't get our usual two billfish per trip, the big wahoo and the dolphin made up for it. My husband and I will be there in October and will try our luck with bottom fishing.  We just went out in the Gulf, 60 miles offshore, this past Sunday, and I have included a couple photos from that trip as well.  Not bad catching a sailfish in the Gulf of Mexico!!!  I think our luck with Capt. Rick's is rubbing off here too!!!!!

Thanks again for everything,

Laura Eder

laura6.jpg laura5.JPG


Dear Glenna & Team,

Many many thanks for the few great days we had, my daughter will go back anytime, with the « Wild Bill » though, she’s convincing my wife to come too !!! I do not think it will be possible soon but we’ll try late August for a couple of weeks, even though it will not be the right season it might give my wife an idea. But for sure when the bill fish season starts next year I will be back !!! Down here in Monaco I’ve the impression that the season has started, traffic jams, the weather much warmer, not Mexico yet, and of course the build up for the grand prix the end of this month, already !! Anyway I prefer that mexico stays the way it is, for me it is agreat place and treats me well, May be you can do something with the pictures, but I think it proves that Jessie and my self had a great time !! Please give my regards to the crew and captain of the « Wild Bill » especially from Jessie, and have a great and prospourous  season.

Kind regards and adios.

Marten Slob


marten2.JPG marten1.JPG


Thanks to your staff for a great fishing trip on May 13th!  Thought I would enjoy sharing the pictures of the fish with you.

 Thanks again,


ryan3.jpg ryan2.jpg


Glenna, We had an awesome day on the Manetto.  We caught 4 Sailfish, 3 Mahi Mahi and swam with 2 Sea Turtles!  We're already looking forward to our next trip!


 Kathy & Chris

kathychris1.jpg kathychris2.jpg


After nearly 50 trips on "The Perla”, I filled a dream of one day catching and releasing a blue marlin.  Denise and I have had so many memorable trips thanks to everyone at CAPT. RICK'S, and for that I would like to thank all of you.  See you soon.  

 Regards - Kevin Kinney


The name of the boat Janice and I were on is the Reel Stripper, a 31 foot Bertram with lots of fishing space to move around on. We arrived at Puerto Aventuras for our second and probably final fishing excursion. We had Gordon, from England and a nice couple from New York city named Mike and Erica. Most of our time was up when the captain spotted a frigate bird cruising slowly about fifty feet above the surface. Frigate birds are a very good indicator that fish are nearby, especially if they are diving at the water. Moments after tailing the frigate, two fishing lines started screaming with fish on, and the mates jumped to action. A pair of mahis jumped a few hundred feet behind us, one firmly hooked, and one shaking free in it's first jump. Gordon was ushered to the fighting chair and the rest of us whooped and hollered, coaching him on.. Thirty feet behind the boat the big fish was surfing on a wave top, saw the boat and shook like crazy. I could see his open mouth as the hook dislodged and flew free. A disappointing loss, but an exciting fight. We were several miles from port, with only a half an hour of fishing time left.All of us were facing the rear when the totally unexpected happened. Two massive sailfish came completely out of the water, almost at the same instant, nailing our baits. Would I finally catch my first sailfish? My worst fear was that this fish would go airborne and ruin my day. In a blur, we were at the fish and his bill was collared by the mates who quickly heaved him into the boat. I was so intent it seemed almost unreal as I was positioned to hold the tail for pictures. WHAT A THRILL!!! This fish was meant to be mine!

cam3.JPG cam2.JPG


April 2011

Just a word of thanks for a great trip and some pictures! I went out on a 1/2 day charter.  First time fishing for Marlin.  Well after four fish one of them a white marlin, I had a sore arm and a smile that wouldn't go away.  Appreciate the crew, they were a couple great guys that made the day even better.  Once again thanks for a great time and a special thanks to the crew.  With guys like that working for you, you will continue to be successful.  


Curtis Bjorndal

curtis1.JPG curtis2.jpg

Even though my son and I got sick because the seas were a little rough we had a BLAST!!!  We would do it all again sea sickness and all.  It is something we love to do even though we know at times we get sick.  We cut our trip short but that did not matter because we were hooked into some Dorado right away including a 59 ¼ inch one that my son landed.  It certainly created ever lasting memories and when I return to Mexico I will be fishing with Capt. Ricks again.  Hopefully we can have a westerly breeze that day to tame the seas a bit. I wanted to say thanks again to Glenna for her help in arranging things, Anna for helping us that day with everything, Capt Rick for being a stand up guy, and to the crew of the Reel Loco!!!

Muchas gracias !!!


joe1.JPG joe2.JPG


My wife Angie had a great time, I’ve waited most of life for the chance to fish for Marlin and I wasn’t disappointed. We will be back! Thanks again from Shenton and Angie White.

Lethbridge Alberta, Canada.


March 2011 

Thanks to Glenna and her staff and to Beto, Lenny and mike for a great fishing trip this year


Bob and Tony

bob5.JPG bob4.JPG
bob3.JPG bob2.JPG


February 2011

Told the crew on our boat I would send them a picture of our great catch. They did a great job !! - Onboard The Wild Bill with Captian Burro and First Mate Nestor.

Scott and Laurie
LaSalle, Ontario


January 2011

Hi Glenna,

Thanks for the trip Captain Rick's! I took this sailfish on 14 january 2011 and wow what an incredible moment in my life !!!!
Could you tell me the name of this guy and please show him the pictures .if you want i will be proud if you use the picture for promotion or show it on your site just let me know 
Thank you very much and muchas gracias amigo para el grande pescado 
El Pescador

10hurtubise1_s.jpg    10hurtubise2_s.jpg


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