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November 2009

Hi Glenna!

It's snowing here and just dropped to -27 degrees celsius. Reminded me to drop you a note and thank you for a wonderful day of fishing. We went out on 'Big Fish' on November 17. We weren't sure how much we would catch at this time of year, but we ended up with 5 barracuda, a trigger fish and TWO sailfish. Everyone had a great time, the captain and first mates definitely put us on the fish. Hoping to be back in four months. I've attached a few of the pics of the sailfish, hoping they're good enough to make the "Happy Fisherman" page. 

thanks again
Edmonton AB T5E 4E2


Hi Glenna!

I'm now back in COLD, rainy and soon to be SNOWY Canada! I came down to the Mayan Riviera for the first time about 2 weeks ago and loved it. Went out on a shared trip with you guys and managed to catch something. I've attached a few photos, hoping that you can add this to your website's HAPPY FISHERMEN photo gallery. Captain Rick's is a top-notch & very well-run operation and I know that you do your best to put your clients onto fish.

Ontario, Canada

October 2009


We went on holiday to mexico and we decided to go fishing with yourselfs and we had a great day. we went middle of october time and the weather was amazing but the best part of the holiday was the fishing trip i look back on the holiday with great memories and i will be returning sometime soon to catch more fish.

Me and Harry was fishing on the boat Reel Screamer with Captain Rambo we had a amazing day, caught plenty of fish, even hooked on to a shark but it bit through the line; but the best part was catching the sail fish. Ii just wanted to send you the picture and hopefully our picture will make your happyfisherman page. Tthanks so much to captain rambo and 1 mate and 2 mate, had such a wondeful day.

All the best, ENGLAND


Hi there!

Thank you very much for a great fishing trip! I was part of a shared trip on Sunday, October 24th. I attached a picture of the sailfish that i caught during that afternoon. The crew said that it was around 7 feet long and weighting 65 - 70 pounds. Feel free to put the picture on your wall and to post it on your webpage. I did as well attach a picture of another guy with his fish, but I don't know about publishing that one, its up to you.

The lady in the office said that she would send me a catch and relese certificate by mail (please do me the favour to fill in the data and sign it, not just send an empty one), here my mail adress:


I will definately recommend your charter to friends that will be in the area in the winter!!

Thanks again and best regrads from the other side of that big pond



September 2009

Hi Glenna!

Hi there! 

I wanted to say thanks again for the great trip my wife and I had on Saturday 9/19!  I've attached a picture of the sailfish and barracuda we caught along with the other fish. Thanks again for a great trip!


August 2009

Hi Glenna!

Attached are some pictures from our fishing trip last week! Again, we had an absolutely wonderful trip! We are looking forward to another visit when fishing season picks up!

Thank you!
Joy and Joe, Hickory, NC


This Mako Shark was caught Aug 25th by the Reel Screamer Captained by Rambo.  Mates were Radolpho and Jesus.  The lucky anglers were the Yeagerly family from Michigan. It was a great fight!


July 2009

I just posted a review of our great time that we had in May on Sea Phantom.....Can Matt Shields get a certificate for the sail fish he caught.....attached is the pictures!

Karissa Shields

Thanks for a tremendous fishing trip! I was part of the Jansen Fitzgerald reservation at 1pm on Monday and we all had a blast!. I caught this sailfish and wanted to send you the pictures. Also, I wa told you were out of certificates at the time, but to send an email with my information and you would send one. Thank you very much and we all hope to see you soon!
Baton Rouge, LA 70809

Thanks for the great fishing trip

We went out with Captain Ranbow and his crew twice on our honeymoon in April '09 and they were fantastic. These two fishing trips made our Honeymoon....we cant wait to comeback!

Thanks for the great fishing trip

We went out with Captain Ranbow and his crew twice on our honeymoon in April '09 and they were fantastic. These two fishing trips made our Honeymoon....we cant wait to come back!

just a note to let you know my wife and I where very pleased with our trip on Friday the 10th.  I have attached a photo of the Marlin we caught and would request a certificate to go along with the catch. Even the 23' boat can bring in a beautiful blue marlin like this!

Thanks again
Deer Park, TX 77536

Just wanted to thank you for a great fishing trip

June 2009

Here are some pictures of our Charter with you in June

Bear And Regina

Hi there! 

I wanted to say thanks again for the great trip my wife and I had on Saturday 9/19!  I've attached a picture of the sailfish and barracuda we caught along with the other fish. Thanks again for a great trip!

Thanks to Rocky, Phillip, and "Shrek" for a memorable day on the "Puffin".  Jeremy caught 1 bonita. 1 Spanish mackeral, 2 dorado and a nice wahoo.  I caught 3 nice dorado, a sailfish, and a huge blue marlin using a shimano 25 with 30lb test.  It took one hour and twenty minutes to land.  Again thanks for a magical day.

Gar, Jan and Jeremy



May 2009

Just wanted to thank you for a wonderful time on May 22, 2009! We were on the Reel Loco and the crew was fabulous!! It was, without a doubt, the highlight of our trip! We can't wait to come back and visit next summer!  Here are some pics of our wonderful experience!
Thank you all so much again!
 Joe and Joy
Hickory, NC

May, a few years back

¡PETER, we need that photo of the White Marlin, Dale caught with you guys!>

Dale Buhr caught a White Marlin in May of 2005. He was fishing with a guy named 'Peter' from New York. Peter took the magic photo of the cathc and Dale would love to have a copy. So if Peter is reading this, please contact us at Captain Ricks in Puerto Aventuras so we can get a copy to Dale.
Gar, Jan and Jeremy 

April 2009

My wife and I fished with you on 4-22-09 while we were on our honeymoon.  I caught 2 sailfish and thought the business might could use the pictures.

Brent, High Point, North Carolina




Just a note to say thanks again for a great morning of fishing. Captain and mate were fantastic, and very professional. 
Kind regards,
Michael Smith

These are pictures of Scott Kaminski who caught this while fishing on your boat 4/3/09.  Thought they would be good for the website.  Thank you so much!  This was a dream come true for him!!
Karen Kaminski

Attached is a photo of the sailfish caught on the obsession on friday, april 3. 

Successful anglers, Mark and Rick. Thanks a ton, it was great. 
Rick Brown

March 2009

My name is Tracie Schweizer and my Hubby Steve, son Steve and Brother in law (friends another time) have been fishing with you guys a few times! Thank you sooo much for your help


Hey gang - happy notes from Northern Wisconsin - I was downthe past few weeks and was fortunate to catch two beauties - wahoo  - and my young boys some yellowtail. 

Thanks again Bob and gang and especially the captain & crew of the Wild Bill  - you made my day as well as two young boys' adventure.



Tony, Pasqual and Sammy, ya'll were great and had a bunch of fun!
Brad, Lee, Patrick, Denis, Lou, Eddy and Steve.

PS. See attached photo of my son Lee and his BIG catch.


We want to thank the Captain, and especially Hector and Chico for the hard work and great job they did not only fishing, but entertaining us as well!!!  It was extremely fun and we'll be back to book a third trip with you soon!

Pax Rasmussen

Hi Glenna,

I just wanted to thank you and the great crew of the Real Stripper for a fantastic trip. As you know this was a pilgrimage to my son's late father who always wanted to take him deep sea fishing. The seas were rough that day but it didn't stop us from catching 7 trigger fish and a barracuda -- all in less than 2 hours!! The waves were too much for our stomachs (the crew was fantastic at trying everything to make us comfortable -- snorkeling, offering to come back in, offering drinks or food). I'm pretty sure that if we stayed out, we would have included a picture of a sailfish as well (next time!!).

You have a fantastic outfit and I have already recommended you to at least 10 people. I just wanted to extend our heartfelt thanks for making this trip a very special one.

Patty and Darren 

Just wanted to say "thanks" for a great fishing trip.  The captain and 1st mate were excellent!

Thank You for a great trip!

Billings, Montana, USA

February 2009

I went out fishing on Monday Febuary 23rd the reservation was under Hills in Peurto Adventerus and we caught a 7 foot 1 inch sail fish they told me to email you guys to get a certificate I am also attaching a picture of the catch.

Thanks - Nick March


Hi Captain Rick!
We went fishing on 2/28 and had the best time.  We have been deep sea fishing about seven times before, and this is the best experience we've had.  We will definitely be back.  Thanks for the hospitality, and of course the fish!!!!!!
Kim and Heather Grzenia

Trevor, Wisconsin 

Thanks for a truly great day fishing. We caught this Mako on February 11, 2009.....what an adventure. Special thanks to Captain Santiago and the crew of the fishing boat Reel Stripper.....they were great.

Thanks again for a fishing trip we will never forget. The McCarron family of Howell, NJ


On Feb. 21st, I had a half day charter on the "My Obsession". Thanks to the Captain, Hector and Chico, I caught five fish. Two barracuda, a needlefish, and two sail fish that hit almost at the same time.

I had a great time on this charter. Pictures enclosed.
Jim Baxter
Girard, PA

January 2009
Troy and Andrea's Honeymoon

Once again I wanted to thank Pinkie and LaLa for a tremendous outing and a fish I soon won't forget. I am still on cloud nine! And the Memories my wife and I will have of our honeymoon are Priceless, Hooking fighting and landing that sailfish was an absolute dream! No more fishing trips to Canada I am hooked nothing compares!

We will be back soon and I am sure you will see some of my friends I send your way. I hope to plan a multi-day trip the spring of next year. I have posted a video on youtube that my wife took.



Thanks for the great day.




Here are the pictures. Can you provide us the name of the boat and crew as well. It was January 23, 2009 in the aftenoon. We had a great time and will definitely recommend you to our friends.





First Blue Marlin of the Season!

Hi, I sent you the pics of 7 or 8 january 2009!!! I want to see that on your wall and website ;) 

Thanks, Samuel


Hello from Hinton Alberta. Many thanks to Captain Rick's Adventures! What a fabulous adventure we had on our day fishing with Captain Rambo and crew on the "Reel Screamer".

Nick and I each brought in a Sailfish, as well as Barracuda and some nice smaller eatable fish. The crew filleted one for us and we took it to Gringo Dave's, who cooked it up and served us a tasty satisfying dinner. A great end to a great day on the Caribbean Sea!

Thank you Captain Rambo and crew. You are the best!! 
Cheers from Canada

Ellen Hearsey & Nick VanSoest



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