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It is with a sad heart that we have to make this statement

At Captain Rick’s we try our best to give you a great fishing experience.  Unfortunately there is a competitor who is trying to ruin our reputation using Trip Advisor as his weapon.    Trip Advisor does not vet the reviewers and when we complain and send them proof that it is a fake review they respond with a simple “the review is within our guidelines”  

We've tried to send a management response to the offending reviewer.  Sometimes Trip Advisor prints it and sometimes they do not.  We are not permitted to state that the reviewer did not fish with us, even though we have very good records concerning who is on which boat and what day.   Most fake reviewers keep their complaints nebulous because they know if they give too much information they will be exposed for the lies.  We are not allowed to call any accusations into question, no matter how outlandish.  There is a way that you can contact the reviewer for further information.  We have done that numerous times and never once have they contacted me back.  We even offered one person who claimed to fish with us a refund just so they would come out of hiding.  Guess what, no one claimed the refund.

If you have a few minutes to spare, Google "I hate Trip Advisor" and read some of the stories of companies that have been ruined by Trip Advisor.  

Remember, the next time you count on a review from Trip Advisor, you have no idea who wrote it and what the purpose was.  We suggest that when you are picking organizations to work with on the internet that you look at the ones who present themselves in a positive way and tell you what they have to offer.  Do no work with people who sell negatively against competitors.   If they are telling you why the other guy is bad, run away.


Proudly serving our customers for over 20 years,

Bob and Glenna
Captain Rick’s


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