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2015 PDC Fishing Tournament

We know you have been waiting for the results of the 2015 PDC Fishing Tournament!

Congratulations to the first place boat in the Playa del Carmen tournament, the Melissa. Pablo and Eric de la Cruz, from our Captain Rick’s family were part of the crew.

Also, congratulations to the third place boat, the Notty Hooker. Our own, Eddie Ku from the Puffin was a guest mate on that boat along with his brother Freddie who was the captain.

We are very proud of the fourth place winner, the Manetto, from Captain Rick’s with Captain Lucho, Captain Rocque and Jonny working as mates. The Manneto was defending champ from last year.

In sixth place was Sum Beach. This boat was captained by Captain Rick’s Rambo and is run by the Moore family, longtime friends of Captain Rick’s

Reel Stripper rounded out our entries in 10th place.

The tournament committee changed the format from what it was a few years ago. In tournaments up through 2012, a fish had to be killed to count in the score.The rules changed in 2013 and really started with the 2014 tournament season. Video proof was used for catch and release with points given for one fish in each category per boat, per day. All sailfish and white marlin are released, and only a blue marlin over 85” can be killed. A boat gets extra credit for a grand slam.

Tuna, wahoo, barracuda, and Mahi-Mahi all have points based on weight, but only one per day.

Negative points if you kill a Blue Marlin under 85”

This year 0 billfish reported killed.

In the old days, one blue marlin could win the tournament. Now with the variety of scoring options, it’s anyone’s tournament to win. The difference in first and fifth place was less than 1500 points.