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Is It Just Bananas or Really Bad Luck?

If you have been out fishing before you may already know the lore. You may have even been searched for this offending fruit. Here are some of the reason why. in general, bananas are deemed unlucky by recreational anglers.

The bananas don’t have to be in their raw fruit form to invite bad luck. Banana muffins, daiquiris, and clothes and sunscreen bearing the name banana are also bad juju.

The superstition has been around for a long time, maybe centuries. In days of yore, spiders, snakes and other icky critters living amongst the bananas in a ship’s hold would infest other parts of the ship. That would certainly qualify as bad luck in my opinion.

Bananas also got a bad rap in the old days when they were the only item left floating after an overloaded ship capsized. Talk about jumping to conclusions.

When bananas were in the cargo hold of ancient ships, other fruits spoiled more quickly. This likely had more to do with the ethylene gas that bananas emit than bad Karma.

Crew members reportedly either got sick from eating bananas or slipped on their peels.

Anglers didn’t catch fish, and banana oil on the hands was the suspected culprit.

Either way, we say let’s leave this fruit at the dock and catch some fish!

Captain Rick's Sportfishing Center's photo.